Gal and Noa's Daddies


Author: Shosh Pinkas

Binding: Kindle Edition

Format: Kindle eBook

Number Of Pages: 24

Release Date: 08-01-2014

Details: “Let’s play Daddies,” called Gal from the swing.
“Don’t be silly,” laughed Mary. “There’s no such thing!”
“Of course there is!” Noa jumped up right away.
“It’s just like our family. So come on, let’s play!”

Noa and Gal have two fathers, Itai and Yoav. They call them by their nicknames, Daddy-Yo and Daddy-I. Noa and Gal were born to gay parents in a process called surrogacy, with the help of two special women that enabled the arrival of the twins into the world.
In this unique book, the writer, Shosh Pinkas, shares the story of many same-sex families around the world. Gal and Noa’s Daddies describes in a simple, clear, and humorous way, without any apologies, a loving and caring same-sex family.
This is a brave and important book for children, and it also provides an appropriate answer for the needs of adults, as well. Family members, teachers, and friends will learn how to cope with the questions of curious children who seek to know more about the different types of families they see around them.

For age 3 and up.
The story was evaluated by a child psychologist to insure that the messages are appropriate for children of this age.
"Shosh Pinkas's book is a charming book that tells the story of a happy, loving family. Some say that all happy families are alike, but this family is a little different - it has two fathers and two daughters. The book explains how the girls came to this world in a family that has two dads but without the need to justify it. Human warmth is the most important thing. Every child that reads this book will wish to sit on the lap of Daddy-I and Daddy-Yo, to play with the cats, and to be a part of Noa and Gal's home - a hugging and sharing home, where everyone makes salad and does the laundry. Society needs books like this one: free in mind, not stuttering, that relays the joy that each parent feels when choosing to raise children and accepting the privilege of answering their chi

Languages: English

Gal and Noa's Daddies

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